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“Everyone has some metaphysical premise - some usually unconscious opinion to which he clings very dearly – and which lies at the root of his psychological security. 

Almost the only thing that the guru or therapist can do... is to persuade the individual to act upon his false premise – in certain consistent directions until he sees his mistake.

To do this, the individual must be drawn into a game.”

– Alan Watts

Real Problem Solving


Wether it's lack of purpose, financial issues, anxiety, a difficult decision or full-blown depression – my experience is that it is not the core problem if you've never uncovered the metaphysical premise from which you live.

You might find a way to resolve your current problem, but in my opinion that is also the seed for the next – and probably – larger problem in your life.

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My journey

At age 35, I had tried a career in music events, played as a dj at hundreds events, travelled a lot, studied for six years, worked as a consultant in all imaginable roles, attempted a PhD study, launched three start-ups and initiated a foundation for a non-profit bank.

Each time I changed my career, it felt exciting. Yet, after a while this feeling always faded and real satisfaction never came. Not even with the successful episodes in my life.

Here I was – technically broke, unhappy, disillusioned with my latest project and... socially quite limited. In a reflex, I started scanning for new exciting projects, but I somehow had repeated the cycle enough times to wonder: how does real satisfaction come about?

A few intense months later, I found the answer and it changed my life forever.


The long-term solution

What changed my life, is my insight about satisfaction that... all it takes is being congruent with your deepest drives – being authentic, even if it's uncomfortable.

This instantly created two new challenges:

1) how to know what your deepest beliefs and desires are? and

2) how to get past the fear barrier to act upon the scary parts of your drive?

Upon taking on these challenges, a lot of practical issues started to resolve. To some questions I found the answers whereas other questions or issues just faded.


Living by your own beliefs

Getting to know your core beliefs about right or wrong, how to make decisions and especially what makes you feel that way has proven to me to be the best starting point for most real life problems. Not just for me, but also for dozens of people I have assisted with this process – as I learned a lot from my own process.

My way of working comprises Socratic questioning – talks to uncover of one's beliefs and to reflect any contradition I find. Besides that, I use simple training exercises to become more comfortable with discomfort, as it enables one to become more honest about their deepest beliefs and drives.

There's not right or wrong, just real or unreal. Whatever turns out to be real to someone, the result is always the same: liberation, clarity and excitement.

“Without a doubt, involving Richard has been the best investment for my personal development in the last decade. His methods are simple, yet they reveal everything you (unknowingly) struggle with in life."




I basically work with anyone who I feel is truly eager to change something about their lives. Yet, I'm particularly well-experienced in working with analytical people involved in spirituality and non-duality.


For inquiries, I can be reached at Please explain briefly what you're looking for, your background and your current situation and I'll get back to you within a couple of days.

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