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Richard (René)

van der Linde


| About me

Over time, I’ve developed a strong interest in honesty and confronting discomfort. It was the result of an almost life long search for satisfaction and to feel at ease in the world. These two things I’d always struggled with, perhaps contrary to popular belief. 


My progress allowed me to start teaching about it and train people. As an expert in progress rather than considering myself a role model.


I facilitate (public) workshops, individual sessions and individual immersion programs (retreats). 


| My purpose

My personal philosophy is non-dual, which means that the primary purpose in everything I do is to sever the identification with my mind, again and again. When I do so, I can be totally honest and spontaneous, despite any discomfort. It’s a flow that makes me lose any sense of self, which you would hardly notice. Except for my smile. (My secondary purpose is to have fun!)


Nonetheless, my workshops and training start from my belief that a little more ability to be honest helps anyone with any philosophy live up it to it a little more. I believe things then will sort out by themselves, not requiring me to push one idea or the other. 


The immersion programs, however, are designed to use honesty and discomfort for the purpose of awakening for the first time from the identification with mind. Why? Because it would (momentarily) end any suffering as well.



“I took a Deep Dive with Richard in 2017 and 2019. This has, without a doubt, been the best investment in myself in a decade. The method is simple but will reveal everything that you (unconsciously) struggle with in your life. The basis of the training has a holistic “theoretical” framework that will free you from your self-made worries. I recommend Richard's coaching (literally) to everyone. If you are focused on fundamental personal growth and recognizing & dropping the patterns that are hindering you, this is for you. Richard is lovely company and an extremely patient person that leads you to the only insight you need, in a very creative way, with a whole box of tricks at his disposal."

~ Luuk de Waal Malefijt, NL


| Get in touch

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Go to www.realyouacademy.com for more information about my workshops and personal services.

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