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| Overview

When we can’t solve a certain problem, make a decision or change an unwanted circumstance, we're often hiding an aspect of reality that is a bit too inconvenient to acknowledge and act upon.


It just happens – we unknowingly block out the levels of magnification that reveal to us our undesired preferences and beliefs and try to make our lives work out with an incorrect perception of reality, adding layers of conditioning that make our perception even more incorrect.


My coaching is focused on discovering such distortions of perception and to breakdown the inconvenient truths to a digestible size. It has no name, but it works – it creates clarity and actually even makes you feel more awake.


| “Without a doubt, involving Richard has been the best investment for my personal development in the last decade. His methods are simple, yet they reveal everything you (unknowingly) struggle with in life.” ~L.d.W.M.


| Analytical Coaching

I offer my coaching services in English and Dutch.


My rate is €90 for 1-hr sessions and €125 for 1,5-hr sessions. Payment details are provided in the booking confirmation.

First-time client sessions are always 1,5-hr.


| “For years I've searched for a solution for my chronic fatigue. Richard helped me discover the root cause and resolve it. ” ~G.W.


| A general piece of advice

Anyone who feels drawn toward Eastern philosophies – such as Buddhism, Taoism, or in much of modern self-development – is dealing with a very specific kind of reality check.

It requires one to figure out a way to really realize that reality is not what we think it is. This naturally hurts a bit upon recognizing the illusory nature of things we derive comfort from.


It is the reason why most people unknowingly block out this aspect of these philosophies and get stuck with self-contradicting approaches for improving their quality of life.

The solution then is to either figure out a way to have the reality check or to acknowledge that you don't feel attracted to the real version of these philosophies. Either conclusion is better than remaining stuck in the middle.

I'm specialized in this kind of reality check and offer an immersion program for obtaining the point of view that each of these philosophies aims to get you at and to accept the new reality that emerges from looking at each aspect of your life from that new point of view.

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| “I'm really thankful for these sessions. They resolved the questions I was stuck at. Not by answering them, but by investigating the validity of the question together. ” ~R.D.


| Making up your mind

In practice, about half of the problems I deal with in coaching sessions can be traced back to a blind spot for the emotional price Eastern philosophies charge for their pay offs.

There is no hard evidence either for or against the shared ideas of these philosophies, but a close look at the arguments can help to make a clear decision about either going all the way in that direction or not at all.

If you like to find out if this direction is for you or not, I suggest you read my book 'Making up your mind about waking up your mind'. It's an objective overview of the arguments you find across hundreds of books.

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| Realness immersion program

Since 2017, I offer private immersion programs for obtaining a non-conceptual point of view.

Through working with dozens of clients, the program evolved into a 12-week format, including ten days at a beautiful location in SW-Portugal, during which we work together intensively. Initially to obtain the new point of view and subsequently to apply it to real life circumstances and problems you encounter.

For more information, get in touch through the contact form below.


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