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| About me

It's my specialty to find solutions when other methods don't work. This can either be in a business context or concern any kind of private matter, ranging from learning problems to personal development.

In every case, I start with specifying the situation at hand and the tradeoffs that might be involved. I do this through Socratic questioning. I uncover unclarities, inconsistencies and blind spots, with the aim to dissolve them together.

Primarily, I assist in deepening your understanding of your own beliefs. I only make suggestions when that seems clearly beneficial. The more hidden the essence of the matter at hand is, the more inventive I usually become. Sometimes it may lead to finding new metaphors that you won't forget easily.

Although each process takes off by using logic, intuition sooner or later comes into play; no problem can be solved with analytical thinking alone. I help you to find a balance between thinking and feeling.

I prefer to work in-person and do so in the Netherlands, Spain and France, but I also offer my services online whenever that seems to be the best option.

10+ years management consulting

| My resumé

500+ hours coaching and training

3 start-ups (launch & hand-over)

| Full attention consults

A consultation takes as long as necessary, ranging from an hour to half a day. The starting point is that we both commit to making our full attention available for the duration of the session and that we choose a setting in which we are not easily distracted.


Often one such a session is sufficient, but in some cases, I remain involved for a while, for example, to design the follow-up process and possibly to supervise a project. Sometimes I'm just an advisor, whereas in other cases I could be the designer of change processes.


My attitude at a consultation is neutral and non-directive. I support by making logical connections, without bringing in my own opinion. Therefore, the outcome of a session does not have to be in line with my personal views.


In order to be involved in a follow-up process, they do have to be aligned though, especially when it concerns a self-development process. This can be followed up by a 3-day Deep Dive.

Feel free to contact me if this is the type of support you are looking for, either for your business or privately.


| 3-day Deep Dive

You can read about my vision on (the two paths of) self-development in my blog posts below. In my opinion, there is a clear distinction between self-improvement and self-acceptance as ways to achieve more clarity and satisfaction. With my 3-day program, I focus exclusively on the latter.


The path of acceptance is often considered a rather spiritual approach, but in my case, the approach is analytical and ultimately leads to the same point as for example mindfulness would. It's just more suited towards people with an inclination to think and a drive to understand life.


I've been privately zooming in this way with dozens of people on all of their beliefs, including those about what you can and cannot know and on those about who you are, which in many cases has led to a real breakthrough.


Whenever someone approaches me with a somewhat large personal issue this is the go-to approach for me, as the key is almost always that thought processes have to be completed to conclusions (finally). These conclusions are usually briefly confrontational, but soon become very liberating.


Whether it concerns careers, relationships, finances, fears, health or learning difficulties; for those 'thinkers' among us there is usually a different path than for 'dreamers'. It is an unusual path, but don't be discouraged by that.

The Deep Dive is individual and preferably takes place in Ibiza, but it can also be planned in other locations if this fits better due to someone's amount of time or budget available.



“I took a Deep Dive with Richard in 2017 and 2019. This has, without a doubt, been the best investment in myself in a decade. The method is simple but will reveal everything that you (unconsciously) struggle with in your life. The basis of the training has a holistic “theoretical” framework that will free you from your self-made worries. I recommend Richard's coaching (literally) to everyone. If you are focused on fundamental personal growth and recognizing & dropping the patterns that are hindering you, this is for you. Richard is lovely company and an extremely patient person that leads you to the only insight you need, in a very creative way, with a whole box of tricks at his disposal."

~ Luuk de Waal Malefijt, NL

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If you like my help with something - for example with a stagnant business project, a strategy session, finding new ways to fulfill a job opening, or any kind of personal problem, even something that nobody else seems to be able to solve and which might even be something I haven't heard of - write to me and we'll look into it together. Even if you have no money at all, just get in touch anyway.