Waking up essentially happens by itself, but some circumstances seem more favorable than others. Which circumstance agrees most to whom has become one of my main fascinations and is a topic I spend much time on. The support I offer is based on my findings.

Planning your DIY Retreat


Most people are able to figure out a way for mental awakening by themselves. You start with trying to grasp what it requires. Then you get stuck at the paradox that says you can't do anything while not doing anything would already be a doing. Then, if you keep focused long enough, you will suddenly get it.

There aren't even any hard requirements for this to happen, but I know from my experience of working with many clients that some circumstances are more favorable than others.

One thing that stands out for me, is opportunity to focus. Results drastically improve when you disconnect from your normal life, at least for a week, and fully immerse yourself into the material. The less re-stimulation of your egoic thought patterns, the easier it gets.


Being away from home for a period of time and having limited interactions with others, while feeling safe and inspired definitely helps. My advice to anyone, is to plan two weeks (or at least one) at a pleasant but private location and fully immerse yourself. It works.

Singita Lembobo lodge.jpg

Location criteria


You can hold your DIY retreat anywhere you like, but I suggest taking the following criteria into consideration:

  1. Room with full privacy; the less exposure to others, both in sound and vision, the easier the mind shifts

  2. Inspiring view and decoration; the more organic the structures, light and colors are, the less the conceptual mind is stimulated.

  3. Resources to work & rest well; proper desk and bed

  4. Minimal reminders of daily life or worldly affairs

  5. Easy access to tasty, nutritious food you enjoy

  6. Relaxation facilities; spa, massage or sauna

  7. Options for basic exercise in nature; walking & swimming

  8. Offline resources for research; prevent direct temptation for distraction by bringing books and recordings with you and have limited access to internet

  9. Minimized spiritual and religious symbolism

  10. Options for socializing without losing focus; having people available to talk to who understand your endeavor.

The main thing to keep in mind when selecting a location is that you're not going on a holiday, but you are retreating – temporarily taking yourself outside the regular mental stimulation of society to promote a phase shift that allows you to experience perhaps the same life afterward from an entirely different frame of mind.

DIY Retreat support


Regardless of how favorable you make your circumstances for your DIY retreat, the common main challenges for this process are:

  • getting started without first drifting for a while

  • staying focused and motivated

  • getting input reasonably soon when you get stuck

I found that the best way to provide support is by means of a 1-week "DIY retreat commitment". This entails:

  1. a 2-hr kick-off session

  2. Consults/sparring sessions at a 50% discount

  3. the option for 1/2 sessions

  4. Semi-ad-hoc availability (depending on time zones, usually within 1-3 hours)

  5. Free Q&A option through Whatsapp

  6. Optional: regular provision of quotes, video links and reading suggestions I feel that could help your process

This package establishes a two-way commitment. I keep myself available and you are not entirely on your own. Sessions can either be held online or in-person, when planned at a location near me (please check my schedule). The rate is €480 per week.


My schedule


August: Netherlands, the Hague area

September: France, Dordogne area (pending)

October: Portugal, Aljezur area (pending)

When you plan your DIY Retreat in an area and period in accordance with my schedule, it allows to have in-person sessions. Please check the status of my schedule with me before you make any arrangements.


Regardless of where and when you like to plan your DIY retreat, you can always get in touch if you wish to receive a free recommendation for a suitable accommodation that is based on your personal preferences – almost anywhere in the world.

During the Fall and Winter of 2022, I've planned to establish an extensive collection of suitable DIY Retreat locations around the world and make this available to clients.

As such, I am open to suggestions for or invitations from suitable B&B's, hotels and even campsites where I can host clients well and refer to throughout the year.


"Real problem solving starts with following up on your beliefs and ends with discarding any belief that proves to be false or unfounded."


Tailored program

What if time and money were no object?


How would you approach mental awakening if your life depended on it and your resources were unlimited?

When I ask this question, most people come up with luxurious resorts and an overflow of coaching by famous writers and speakers.

Some people prefer to have more structure and input than a DIY Retreat provides. In that case, I offer the option of a tailored program.

What I consider optimal after dozens of private retreats, is to have short stretches of total immersion (3 to 6 days) to establish the phase shift, alternated with 2-4 weeks of taking the frame of mind out in the real world – to lose it and to learn how to regain it.

There is a point at which adding more luxury or coaching doesn't improve the result. And being an excellent writer or public speaker doesn't mean one excells at reading how much (micro) feedback is optimal for an individual to learn.

The initial shift & integration


The first one or two cycles are mostly about the initial shift of perspective. This establishes a frame of mind, or lens, through which you can perceive the unchanged world differently.

You then go out in real life to look at it from that lens. You will lose the perspective, but by looking at the reason why that happens, you uncover more false beliefs and perceptions.

After a few weeks, we meet again for a 3 to 6 day immersion, to deepen the new perspective and to zoom out from daily life experiences, find common themes and zoom in to uncover any unreal aspect of your core beliefs and perceptions.

It's different for each person how many cycles the optimal commitment includes and how much time each cycle should take. Similarly, the ideal environment for the immersion weeks or weekend is different for each person.

Pricing & options


I offer the option for a custom made private program that I consider optimal for you to gain the non-conceptual point of view (the result of mental awakening) and to update your entire mental model accordingly.

Private immersion programs include both initial awakening (if not already taken place) and integration by means of whatever it takes.


The minimum commitment is an 8-week program with at least three (short) immersion visits. During the entire program, a fair share of my attention will be focused on your process and we will be in touch frequently.


Quotations start at €6,400. This includes all expenses, except for traveling. Quotations are only available after a consult, to make sure on beforehand that we enjoy working together, as we would be working quite some time together.