Non-Duality in Real Life



Sessions take between 0.5-1.5 hrs. I offer bundles of 2.5 hrs, for which I only charge €100. This makes it accessible for anyone. Extra perceived value can always be rewarded by donations. I prioritize motivated clients.


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I have always liked to immerse myself deeply into topics. As a management consultant I was trained to boil things down to their essence and to spot and resolve inconsistencies.


My own search for a higher quality of life unexpectedly confronted me with a huge blind spot for the advice to take on a non-conceptual point of view.


When it happened, after some struggle, the experience was life-changing. Understanding the mechanism to get past that blind spot and integrating the new perspective in daily life became my main interest.

Writers I like and would recommend are Alan Watts, Jed McKenna, David Buckland, Sam Harris and Eckhart Tolle, among many others.


Since 2017 I spend my time between the Netherlands, Ibiza and France. Besides coaching and writing I like to do a few hours of physical work each day.

The Non-Duality Test

If your mind wants evidence that obtaining a non-dual perspective is worth the effort – and put quests like success, superpowers or feeling blissful on hold – then there's a vast array of books about the subject.


They all look at it from a different angle, ranging from neuroscience to religion to philosophy. While many of these books are written beautifully, they're not really useful for decision-making on this matter, as each of them work their way to the same conclusion that the non-dual philosophy is true.

That's why I've extracted the essential parts of many of these books and incorporated these in my own book – the first to allow for an unbiased assessment and decide if this is what they're looking for.