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| More life satisfaction by being less in control?

Most books, methods and courses to improve your quality of life aim at getting more control over your thoughts, emotions, behavior and your environment. I take the opposite approach.


The starting point of my coaching is precisely that of Eckhart Tolle, Alan Watts, Sam Harris and quite a few other writers. It is not aimed at gaining more control, but at understanding the illusion beneath that need. And for that, I often literally use their books. A different approach, often with a different outcome than everything else you have tried. It often proves to be a turning point in life.


| Resolving problems from an incorrect point of view is impossible

According to the books I work with, you can only get to the heart of the problem – whether this concerns your social life, career, health or finances – by zooming out from your usual, conceptual point of view. Everything else may temporarily cause good results, but at the same time, it strengthens the core of the problem (the ego thought-pattern).

What if you shift your attention from where you are looking at to where you are looking from, just like it’s proposed in so many books? Once you see through the fallacy that makes you think endlessly about everything, all that remains is (intuitive) feeling, presence or whatever you call it. You then know what to do, regardless of whether you feel shame, sadness, insecurity or other discomforts. This is what I offer assistance with, one-on-one.

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| “You can’t both surrender and try to control the outcome. Surrender requires that you give up what you think you know from your limited mind” ~Joe Dispenza


| Three options for a next step

My way of working is all about letting go of the non-conceptual point of view for the first time. This experience removes any doubt as to whether it has been the root cause of your problems. Even if you can't hold on to the new point of view permanently right away, it often solves the necessary problems immediately. The irony is that we primarily use an analytical process (investigating beliefs) to get past analytical thinking; the classic thorn to remove another thorn.


Free E-book

If you have started to doubt what type of books suits you, you can download my free e-book about how to choose books (and support) for self-development that are right for you. It does so from a neutral standpoint, with the aim to let you find out what you need.

1:1 Sessions

I offer 1:1 Sessions to assist you in a Socratic way to get past your habit of conceptual thinking. We can also first examine together whether this is the path that suits your beliefs. Sessions can be booked in Driebergen (near Utrecht) or online. A session lasts 1.5 hours. The rate is €125 (excl. VAT), even if a session a bit longer.

3-Day Retreat

I also offer the option to spend 3 days together, either on Ibiza or at the estate in Driebergen. During your retreat, we tune everything you need every day to get either your first experience with letting go of conceptual thinking or to regain the ability. The program takes place under optimized conditions.



“In 2017 and 2019, I had a 3-day retreat with Richard. Without a doubt, this has been the best investment for my personal development in the last decade. The method is simple, yet it reveals everything you (unknowingly) struggle with in life. It liberated me from my (apparently) self-invented misery. I’d recommend Richard’s coaching to anyone, literally. He’s great company with endless patience when working with you, while being creative by all means to get the result. He’ll get you to the only insight you actually need in life.”

~ Luuk de Waal Malefijt, NL


| “Although the initial awakening may be short-lived, the awakening process will have become initiated” ~Eckhart Tolle


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| “Trying to get rid of the ego-sensation reinforces the false belief it’s real” ~Alan Watts


| About me

An inquisitive attitude is my most characteristic feature. I have come a long way to arrive at what I can do effortlessly every day, all day long: assisting motivated people in exploring beliefs (and emotions).


I now have hundreds of hours of experience doing this, in addition to more than ten years' experience as a consultant in the business world.


Moreover, I regularly spend my free time researching the beliefs I discover in everyday life.


I do this with one specific belief absent, that most people do seem to have. Or, as the writer Jed McKenna puts it: "I don't have something you don't; you believe something I don't". That is the conceptual point of view when looking at oneself. Anyone who's experienced that, knows what it means, but it's merely impossible to describe it in conceptual terms. Yet, I love to keep trying, if only for the trying!

| “To clear the mind is psychological work; to drop the mind is a spiritual revolution” ~Osho


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