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You Don't Have to Leave Society to Escape the Matrix [Part 1 of 5]

Sometimes nothing seems to work, whatever turn you take;

Career changes, profitable investments, love affairs, luxury holidays, family expansion – it takes more and more to feel brief moments of satisfaction.

Perhaps you try prolonged meditations, psychedelics or manipulated breathing;

These create moments of peace, sometimes echoing on for a while;

But the same nagging feeling always returns, if not even remains;

What you feel is… the matrix.

Imagine walking into a house for the first time;

You start looking around to get an impression of each room;

What determines most how you perceive it?

Is it the actual place?

Partially, but even more so how the house relates to a context - the reason you are there;

A house might feel fine for a weekend holiday but not as a place to buy;

You could call this intention your FRAME.

When it comes to life satisfaction or peace, I believe it’s also our frame that is most significant, not the house;

Until you start following breadcrumb trails of what your frame is based on, it is most likely full of inconsistencies and hidden assumptions;

Each move you make also goes against something inside of you;

It leads to inner conflict and prevents satisfaction, for scientific and spiritual people just alike.

The matrix is a mass self-illusion to avoid confrontation with assumptions;

Almost everybody is in the matrix, even nice people as well as smart people;

And, unknowingly we keep each other in it.

An escape requires taking the bold step of tracing the origins of everything you believe;

As you will see, norms, values and importances are often built on chains of unfounded beliefs;

Once you acknowledge these mental short cuts, it will first make you feel lost;

But soon enough, you’ll find YOUR way of dealing with it.

It is the moment you break free from the matrix – the collective act to make the short cuts disappear (appear as if they are not there);

It is the moment you become ‘real’ and things you do will start to feel genuine;

No book can teach you what it is, nor can any teacher;

It is something to be done.

Once free, you may rediscover a new found love for your old life, perhaps with a few new elements added;

You don’t have to leave society to escape the matrix;

Yet, you can leave, if you feel that is for you – even if it’s just for a while;

But often it can be fun and insightful.

== Whatever it is you then feel like doing, any circumstance that results from being real will be more satisfactory than whatever you achieve without that realness. ==

*In the next post, I'll expand on how a matrix-like society might accidentally come about by use of a metaphor.


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