Mijn boekenlijst

Adyashanti | Falling into Grace (a.o.)

Alan Watts | The Wisdom of Insecurity + The Book Against Knowing Who You Are (a.o.)

Bryan Hubbard | The Untrue Story of You

Byron Katie | The Work (the 4 steps)

Eckhart Tolle | A New Earth + The Power of Now

Frits Spoelstra | Autolyse

Greg Goode | The Direct Path

Jan Geurtz | Addicted to Love (a.o.)

Jed McKenna | Spiritual Enlightenment (a.o.)

John Gray | The Soul of the Marionette

Karl Renz | Peace Off

Krishnamurti | You are the World (a.o.)

Marianne Williamson | A Course in Miracles

Michael Brown | The Presence Process

Nisargadatta | I Am That

Oliver Burkeman | The Antidote

Osho | Tantra: The Supreme Understanding (a.o.)

Paul Hedderman | The Road to Nowhere

Paul Smit | Enlightenment for Lazy People

Ram Dass | Be Here Now

Ramana Maharsi | Be As You Are

Rupert Spira | Being Aware of Being Aware

Sam Harris | Waking Up

And many more.