| 3-Day Individual Retreat

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| A 3-day deep dive into your own beliefs and assumptions

The big hurdle for obtaining a non-conceptual point of view is your conditioning. When you peel off one layer, there is a good chance it gets triggered back when you’re focussed on the next layer. The most effective way to experience this for the first time is therefore a multi-day retreat with as little external stimuli as possible.


There are many retreats, even by some of the writers whose books I use. However, they are all for groups, while your conditioning is unique. That is why I rather work individually. By doing so, I can tailor the message at any time to what you need to let go of the conceptual thinking habit.


What to expect

  • Multiple 1:1 Sessions daily

  • Moments for relaxation and rest

  • Walks in nature

  • Suggestions for the most suitable passages from a vast collection of books, articles, audio recordings and films.

  • Comfortable private room with private bathroom

  • All meals provided (organic)

  • Complete confidentiality


The exact program is different for each participant, depending on how the process develops. Once you got past your conceptual thinking for the first time, we take a step back and translate that experience into something practical for after the retreat, to let go of conceptual thinking on your own.


| Options, prices en practical information

Since 2017 I offer these retreats. Mainly in Ibiza and occasionally in the Netherlands. Because of the uncertainty about the possibilities to travel, I offer the program in 2021 exclusively in the Netherlands. The venue is Sterkenburg Castle, a beautiful B&B on an estate in Driebergen (near Utrecht). This provides the following options:

Room type / Days

Premium room

Standard room

Only weekdays

from € 1,950.- all incl.

from € 1,600.- all incl.

Incl. weekends

from € 2,250.- all incl.

from € 1,750.- all incl.

Good to know:

  • Prices are excluding VAT, but include all expenses from arrival to departure (this allows us to leave the process uninterrupted by any budget decisions).

  • The program accounts for 3 nights; for example, from Thursday to Sunday.

  • We start on the day of arrival at 7 p.m. and end the program on the day of departure at noon unless agreed otherwise.

  • It's always possible to extend your stay on the estate.



“In 2017 and 2019, I had a 3-day retreat with Richard. Without a doubt this has been the best investment for my personal development in the last decade. The method is simple, yet it reveals everything you (unknowingly) struggle with in life. It liberated me from my (apparently) self-invented misery. I’d recommend Richard’s coaching to anyone, literally. He’s nice company with endless patience when working with you, while being creative by all means to get the result. He’ll get you to the only insight you really need.”

~ Luuk de Waal Malefijt, NL


| “Wow, I really regret stepping out of my comfort zone” ~No one, ever.