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Happiness Cheat Sheet

Based on my personal experience and experiences from working with people, these are the basic elements that make people a lot happier.

A # Find out what you believe in >

B ## Act strictly upon those beliefs >

C ### Zoom in on any resistance and compare results to expectations >

A # Find out what you [now] believe in >

B ## Act strictly upon [your updated] beliefs…. >

∞ ..ABCABC… ∞


While you go through the steps above, build the habit of recognizing (=feeling) that you are living an authentic life — make it the undertone that continuous throughout each day. Not as a mental trick, but because you now actually are living authentically.


1 — For finding out or updating beliefs: Socratic Questioning

2 — For learning to act in alignment with the more daring beliefs: Discomfort Exposure Exercises and Role Playing

3 — For developing the “authentic feeling habit”: dig into the ‘why’ and apply a simple meditation/visualization technique

The tools are the ones I have good experiences with, but there are plenty of other ways. Use what you believe in (step B) and reflect (step C). You’ll have the best outcome, even if the tool didn’t work.


You will feel happier, become healthier and become more successful in your own terms. After a little while, it becomes a habit and doesn’t even require conscious effort.

Should you have a question about any of these steps, feel free to send me a message, of course.


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